Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mary’s Fur Coat

Yes, I have a fur coat…..but it has a story, at least to me it does. 

I don’t think the black body of this coat is real fur, I think it is some very soft synthetic.  However the trim around the neck and down the front is raccoon, I think.   Living in Arizona, I don’t get the opportunity to wear it very often so it is a big deal when I do.

So where did my fur coat come from?  I bought it a resale shop in La Crosse 4 or 5 years ago.  FOR $40!!  I think I got a deal and it even has the nice lining and this label:

mary 008


RaccoonMan said...

Well, where are the pictures? These Arizona Chilly days are few.. show it off!

norm said...

I Googled "HILLMOOR, NY" and it appears as e-bay has some similar to yours....all FAUX furs now.