Friday, December 16, 2011

What Is Your Opinion?

You might have noticed that Rex has slammed into writer’s block…apparently AZ the cat hasn’t been doing his job as the source of “blog inspiration” lately.  So he asked me if I could come up with something.  Here goes.

The other night I was dealing a carney  game called “Ultimate Texas Hold’em”. I had three ladies that are friends at my table and I  know them casually.  We are all in the same basic age group-the 60’s.

One of the ladies is married, one is divorced, and one has been living with the same guy for 20 years.  And I have been living with Rex for 14 years.  So the following topic of conversation  came up.

The lady that has been living with her man said something along the line of being uncomfortable  referring to him as her “boyfriend”.  At our age we do not want a “boyfriend”. I told her that I totally agreed and usually refer to Rex as my husband because that is the function he has in my life.  Besides I had read somewhere that Goldie Hawn refers to Kurt Russell as her husband.  And frankly if it is good enough for Goldie it’s good enough for me.  So then we started talking about the terms people use such as “significant other” or “spousal equivalent”.  As far as I am concerned they are just too cumbersome. 

When I first met Rex I told him what I was looking for:

Someone to go places with and someone to do things with”, in other words—A PLAYMATE.

Maybe I should go with that.  What do you think? 

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kenpratt said...

I would say they are who you want them to be.....

saucersrus said...

I like playmate!! I think at one time I heard the term Camping Buddy as well :) You are another Mom to me and Grandma Mary to my kids!! Most importantly you make my Dad HAPPY!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "cumbersome". I once booked a motel room and stuttered "partner" in response to the question. That leads to the question, "what sex is your partner?", which is awkward. I finally agreed to be married, which is about the dumbest reason to marry I have ever heard.

Seriously, we love each other very much and I guess that makes him "that guy I love so much". Back to cumbersome

Thanks for the card and Merry Christmas. Hans has time off, the surgery business is slow during the holidays, the kids are all busy with "other side", so we and the Buick are going to Florida.