Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update on DBK

susie 013

By Susie-Q

It’s been about six weeks since the Happy Campers brought DBK (Dirt Bag Kitten) home, so I thought I’d do an update.

I spent about three days hiss’n at the new cat, telling him to go back where he came from and that he’s not welcome here , but it was clear right from the start that he is here to stay.

After six weeks we have settled into a routine. I still spend my days cat napping, but now I make time every evening and morning for some play time with “AZ” and I do like it.


We enjoy playing tag, hide and seek, and have recently begun wrestling. I really enjoy the wrestling, with my longer reach, height, and weight advantage I can beat him easily.Take downs with a friendly nip behind the ears or on the butt bring the howl out of “AZ”. And I do like it.


Trouble might be DBK’s middle name. He gets into some kind of trouble everyday. Rex is very forgiving, but Mary is going to nail his ass eventually. Rex constantly blames Me for being a bad babysitter, but hey, I’m not my brother’s keeper.

Besides, “AZ” gets the blame for everything!! It’s like having my own, get out of jail free card.  I can pull any kinda shit I want and then sit back and watch “AZ” catch Hell again. And I do Like it.


Being as graceful as a cat, just isn’t “AZ”. He’s as clumsy as a five year old boy. When he walks across the counter, desk, table, even the floor he’s knocking something off on the floor.The other night he flipped the stool over on the floor which hit the, Mr. Heater, the gas heater and the safety switch clicked the heater off. Crazy “AZ”. And I do like it.

Computer illiterate

Since the second week I’ve been trying to teach “AZ” how to write a blog.  It’s a waste of my time, after the computer  boots up all he does is dance across the keyboard trying to catch the mouse pointer on the screen, so don’t hold your breath waiting for “AZ’s first blog. When it comes to blogging it’s all about Susie-Q and I like it.

By Susie-Q