Thursday, March 1, 2012

San Antonio

By Uncle Hans 

We stopped at the famous Riverwalk in San Antonio.  It was raining, so we stayed indoors, but could appreciate the beautiful concept: a multi-story shopping mall, right downtown, with a river running through it.

Renee made a killing at a Pacsun store, 30-50% off for the weekend.  We hit the food court.



Two pictures are of the river shot through the windows. In the one with the steps, you can see our rig, parked on the street across from an entrance, in the upper left hand corner.



I had to load our treasures in the trunk in the pouring rain, so it was nice to be able to park on the street nearby.


This rig parks well, in a normal sized spot, but, like all RV's ....................NO parking ramps!

........We spent that night camping and staying in out of the rain.  We had a nice candle light dinner of soup we had brought along and ice cream we had bought ...........



  ........(you guessed it?) at WalMart.  Rex has pointed out to us that Walmart has a long-standing policy of allowing people with RV's to spend the night in their parking lot under the security lights.  It's called "Boondocking", but Renee calls it "Bootlegging" (she lives in her own little world).


The second picture show our actual campsite.


  The sites don't have slot numbers like an RV campground.  They also don't have sewer hook-ups, water hook-ups, or electricity.  But the price is right.  We ran the generator long enough to microwave the soup, which, I am guessing, is against the "park rules".
    Oh Well.......

.........We paid them back by shopping to replenish our supplies.  Renee is restocking the refrigerator, which is large and we love it, now that we can figure out how to light it.  It is "Three-way", of course, that's 110 volt, 12 volt, and LP gas.  The 12 volt is very effective as long as the temp outside is below freezing (I think it is just a fan to bring in outside air!).  Warmer temps make it pretty worthless.  The gas works well, as does the 110v.  We camped in Ed and Judy's driveway and had 110v.  Having the fridge on the road is a joy.  We both gained 2 or 3 lbs on a 6 day trip..........


.....We left in subfreezing temps and came home to the same.  That meant leaving the on-board plumbing "winterized" with antifreeze in all the lines, and not using it.  Otherwise, you risk freezing damage to all the plumbing.  Our next trip will be in warmer season and we look forward to the use of the plumbing, sinks and shower included.  But the toilet flow directly into the black tank and is not really at risk of freezing damage, if managed.  We found it VERY helpful, both while camping and driving.  We just added a little non-toxic pink antifreeze fluid occasionally as a flush............


By Uncle Hans