Friday, March 9, 2012

Zip Line on Fremont Street

By Mary

Fremont St. in Las Vegas has put in a zip line.  A zip line is a series of very, very strong cables.  You are put in a harness contraption and connected to these cables.  Then you ride the cables by “zipping” along on them. 

vegas 025

This is the scaffolding at the beginning of the zip line.


vegas 007

I am being harnessed in---tickets sales start at noon….I was first in line (b4 noon), so was the first zip liner of the day.


vegas 008

Rex took my picture as I was zipping along.


vegas 009

Moving along toward the end of the line.  I think the whole ride lasted about 30 seconds.


vegas 010

This is our friend Mikey zipping along.  He also enjoyed it.

This company also runs a zip line in Boulder City.  That one is suppose to go across a canyon and is more expensive.  The one on Fremont Street costs either $15 or $20 depending if whether you go before or after 6PM.

Anyway Mikey gave it two thumbs up!!