Saturday, March 3, 2012


By Uncle Hans

     .......Tinker was great fun.  Our friends enjoyed his visit, as well.  He is just learning the freedom of being able to fly.  We have kept his wings clipped until we got to know one another better, now they are about 2/3 thirds grown out.  He is becoming very adept, and started "shoulder-hopping" on this trip.  A little un-nerving to be on a 10-lane freeway at 75mph and have something fluttering to a landing (or crash-landing) on your shoulder.  He also shows up whenever there is food.


He does not really eat that much, but has to taste and feel everything.  He likes to play and make noise. 


His cage crashed twice, once during a sudden stop in traffic and once when I hit a curb on a corner (the back wheels are like 8 feet wide and the front is only 6).  He did not sustain injury that we can tell, but I'm sure he suffered emotional trauma as he got quiet for a few minutes.


  Then it was back to constant nonsense gibberish, almost like having three teenagers in the back...........

.............We saw lots of interesting stuff, and even stopped to "smell the roses" once in a while.  This is the new bridge between the two "Kansas Cities".


Renee is standing by the Rialta (she has named it the "Love Shack" after her little place on Deer lake, near Spooner).  Above her is a square blob that pokes up into the sky.  Behind the blob is the Minnesota Capitol Rotunda, complete with scaffolding as it under repair.  You have to trust me that it is there.  We are in the parking lot of the White Castle, where we dined in style.  It was our third restaurant meal in 6 days, and we really splurged here.  I had 4 sliders and Renee 5.


  Across the parking lot was a drug bust, complete with two squad cars, am ambulance and 8-10 officers.  It may have been something benign, like a medical call, but it was fun to watch as we ate our sliders.


No gunfire, though.......

  .....Renee has the map out here, but is she navigating?
           Hell NO!.......How can you get lost on I35, remember? 
         She is looking at destinations for our next trip, in April.  Look carefully, it looks like Savannah or Myrtle Beach.  Tinker will not be with us, he can't stay locked in the RV at 85 degrees and you can't take him with anywhere outside or you would never see him again.  One more fun thing to do while RVing is to plan your next trip..........


  ....So here we are back at home sweet home.  Jake helped me back the Love Shack into the garage and she can rest. She deserves it.  3200 miles and no mechanical problems....

    Not a bad maiden voyage at that!

By Uncle Hans


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Was thinking about what you said about your mileage, and I think the only way your going to get 20mph is with the diesel, I can manage 20 with my duramax pickup, and I see roadtrek offers a chevy chassis. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..