Thursday, May 17, 2012

Camp Report

Rex is in Wisconsin this week for a family matter so blogs have been lacking.  To keep him up to speed, I decided it was time for a camp report.  II need to let him know that I am keeping up with his “camp chores”.

I emptied the litter boxes…indoor, wet…..outdoor, solids.  I have decided that a mask should be worn during this chore….I cannot believe the amount of dust this chore kicks up.

I watered the plants, the little pot flowers…(maybe I should say the flowers in the little pot), looked good and the water globe was empty.  The new plants in the big pot looked dreadful, the older plants looked fine  the water globes were full…they clogged.

I turned on the water fan.  I realized both tank and water jug were empty when I didn’t see any water dripping on the floor.  After correcting that problem, I am happy to report that both cats are enjoying it.

AZ Antics!!—You knew there had to be some mention of AZ.

I felt sorry for him so I got him some wet food…unfortunately, since I don’t usually feed him, I didn’t think about not putting the food can top in the garbage by your desk…do you believe that AZ actually noticed that little oversight??

Remember the great deal I got on my buns??  After AZ found them I only had 3 usable  ones out of the 8 in the package.  So much for a great deal!!

Susie, as usual, has been a little angel.

As you can see, YOU are invaluable to this campsite!!




Anonymous said...

Sorry you stayed behind Mary. I figured it out.