Saturday, May 12, 2012

Canadian Geese

By Uncle Hans

We have a few pairs of Canadian Geese on Cable Lake. They always have a family. On May 2 we saw this year's brood of 6 for the first time a few days later, they were back and almost twice the size already. If you think about it, they have to go from a few ounces at birth to a huge bird, capable of flying across the country to wintering places with adults who do not wait for them if they can't keep up. All in one summer and part of a fall or about 170 days! Does any domesticated animal pack on the meat that fast?

Anyway, here are a few pics from a bad camera of this years group. We expect to see a lot of them this year as our delicious grass is very close to the lake and we don't have a big dog patrolling the premises any longer..........





By Uncle Hans


Michelle said...

I know what your going through as I saw my 1st goslings of the year this morning. I love the pecking order of the family Mama,babies and Dada following behind. I saw 6 to 8 (they saw me and took off!) They are so cute with the downy feathers...just all fluff and a wee head and flippers! Enjoy the little family!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful view from your camper! Now that is living!