Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Sayings

By Uncle Hans

Kids today have lost sight of a lot of neat old sayings and idioms. Like "going like 60" from a time when 60mph was wide open and dangerous.

Ever hear of "having a leg up" ? or "gimme a leg up"? Like someone has a good deal because someone else helped them.

It comes from mounting a horse while bare back or, at least, not having stirrups. We were visiting Paulo, Hannah's horse. She turns to me and sez, "Gimme a leg up?"

So this is the origin of that old saying........................




By Uncle Hans


Sue said...

My husband and I talk about things like this all the time. Old saying that even our kids may never have heard of. Saying and things. We laugh and are surprised when a young person knows something that they can possibly have heard or seen because it way before their time.

Sharon said...

Sounds like a pretty good setup working most of the year as dealers and haveing three months off to travel and play.

Love it!