Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Cookies

By Uncle Hans

Divorce always entails loss, sometimes the losses are small, sometimes huge and irreplaceable things are lost.

Renee lost her Spritz cookie maker, and it looks like it is headed for the “huge and irreplaceable” category.

She looks pretty smug in this first picture. This polished aluminum beauty (her old one was plastic) came from Walmart and looked like a million bucks ($24.00, actual cost)....


.....but in the down and dirty world of actually making Spritz cookies, this deceptively good-looking gizmo proved to be a dud.....

2012-12-14_19-18-59_940 was stubborn to use, the lever takes a gorilla to push, the dough comes out looking like a bad relief map of Australia instead of a Christmas tree, and no amount of bad language will make it behave.....

......we went back to the directions to see if we could find the problem.....

.....and we DID!!

The fool thing was made in China, but, more importantly, it was designed in Cresco!!
What would you expect from a Spritz cookie maker from Iowa?

.....these cookies taste great (main ingredient is butter),but they would be the laughing stock of the Trinity Lutheran Church Christmas Cookie Walk.

I mean, do they even have Christmas in Australia? Seriously? It is 100 degrees and usually burning......

By Uncle Hans


Rod Ivers said...

Hey easy there, some of us non cheese heads were born in Iowa......, but not Cresco....

Hope the church is forgiving about bad looking cookies.... LOL