Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dancing With The Stars

By Uncle Hans

In the weeks before the wedding, the father of the bride got together with the bride for secret dance lessons to play out a huge surprise for everyone at the reception. Who knows how they did it as they live hundreds of miles apart. But here is the video.

Note how the dance starts out pretty normal, then a couple of fancy moves and the crowd comes to life and more and more people are watching. Then everyone is captivated and the pictures are flashing. Kathy is off to the left and totally taken by surprise. You can hear her squealing and laughing. The camera pans over to catch her amazement. Then at the end, she is having such fun and making such noise, the cameraman (me) pans over once again and nearly misses the “dip” at the end of the dance!!

What fun! Congrats to Neil, who always comes up with a surprise to entertain us all!!