Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dave And Cindy

On Nov. 1, 1978, I started working in a freight office in La Crosse.  It was a new company to La Crosse so there wasn’t many people working there.  The office staff consisted of Dave and me.  We had a salesman too, but he wasn’t actually in the office that often.  Of course that means we weren’t very busy at first.  I got lucky cuz Dave is a very inventive person. 

We did the craziest things to keep busy.  I remember making lead sinkers one day.  That was actually pretty interesting.  How about batter frying walleye Dave caught on his lunch hour (our office was close to the Mississippi).  That’s just a couple of some of the fun things we did, of course, that didn’t last long because we did get busy with actual work pretty quickly but it sure was fun while it lasted. 

At any rate Dave moved on from there to Iowa, then on to Arizona with that same company.  And I moved on to other jobs.   But I also ended up in AZ so this past week end, Dave and his wife, Cindy, came to visit us on “The Mountain”.  I do believe they really enjoyed getting out of the heat of the Phoenix area. We had so much fun reminiscing and getting caught up on kids and grandkids and everything else you can think of.    



dave 014

 Dave and Cindy….38 years and counting.  They both still have great smiles!!





dave 009

dave 010

dave 012

Dave and Cindy brought their beagle, Sally, to visit with “AZ”.  And quite frankly, I guess we were having so much fun gabbing we forgot to take more pictures.  Imagine that!!