Monday, August 5, 2013


Last year when we got our Show Low park model it came with three TV’s.  Cable TV is included in the rent so they all run off the same cable system.

For some reason, the TV in the living room started acting weird.  By weird, I mean five of the local channels became silent, that’s right NO audio.  The other 2 TV’s have audio on those stations.  So I went to the menu and tried to adjust the audio setting….no luck.  I am stumped.


That is not the really, really weird problem.  One channel (also a local one) works perfectly fine all day, that is until 10:30 pm when all of a sudden the program starts speaking in Spanish!  The other two TVs don’t.  They still speak in English.  Oh and even though the program is in Spanish the commercials are  in English. 

I am baffled.   Unfortunately we don’t have the manual for the TV either.  Anyone have a solution for this really strange problem??


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