Sunday, August 18, 2013

Did You Know About This??

For the last 15 years I have lived in a camper, well make that 3 different campers, but a camper none the less.  Before I met Rex my idea of “roughing it” was a hotel without a restaurant.  Good thing he is such a great guy.

Now on the topic of today’s blog-TOILETS!  Toilets in a camper are not directly hooked up to a sewer, there is a step in between.  Waste (ya this is what you think it is) is collected in a holding tank which is emptied, in our case, on Saturday’s. (Totally Rex’s job).  Because of this you have to use a type of toilet paper that breaks down quickly.  Not a soft and cushiony one, more like a hard, thin, and scratchy brand.   Although I do have to say that it has improved greatly over the last 15 years.  

bowl 001

 Now comes the next part, cleaning the toilet.  Because of the holding tank you can’t use any chemical toilet cleaning product that might react adversely with the chemicals that are in the holding tank.  Believe me I don’t want to do  anything that would create holding tank problems.  Trust me on that. 

Now fast forward to “The Mountain” and our park model.  Park models have real toilets directly hooked up to city sewer!!! Yea!!

This opens up cleaning options to me that I quite honestly didn’t realize existed. 


bowl 003

 The bald guy came up with the one that appealed to me….why you ask???  TOTALLY hands free!!!  Love it!!  And look it came with a $3.00 rebate.


bowl 004

 Look a this little beauty…..nice clean lines, neat, and tidy!  And did I mention that it is hands free??   Note the actual toilet in the background.


bowl 005

It even has a storage compartment for the magic eraser pads that attach, hands free, on the nice long handle.  What a great invention….love it!

Just goes to show…it’s the little things that make us happy.