Monday, November 18, 2013


We have recently been watching a show called Big History.  If you like history it is really interesting.  We get it on the H2 Channel that we find on Direct TV channel 271. 

The most recent episode I watched was about salt and it’s impact on civilization.  Salt was so important to mankind that at one time it was more valuable than gold.  Roman soldiers were paid in salt, hence the word “salary”.

Roadways that were  taken from the trails of animals were actually roads that animals took to find salt.  Salt is important to animals too.

Salzburg, Austria got it’s name to designate it as a source of salt.  Any place in England that ended in “wich” was also a place to find salt.

Another episode concentrated on the value of horses.  Remember Romans and their flowing robes and the robes of ancient Egyptians?  Mankind started wearing pants in order to ride horses.  Pretty interesting!!

If I have whetted your interest you can go to to find out much, much more.