Friday, November 22, 2013

It’s Cotton Pickin Time!!

November in Mohave Valley means cotton pickin time….


m 005

 Rex looks dwarfed by this BIG roll of cotton.  This is the first year we have seen the cotton in rolls like this.  Must be the newest and latest in cotton  packaging.


m 010

 See all those rolls in the distance???  Lots and lots of cotton here.  There is actually more cotton rolls here than this picture shows.  This is just one field and there are many more.


m 012

More rolls along the road.  I don’t know what cotton goes for these days, but I bet there are hundreds of thousands of dollars here.  

This is reservation cotton, the Indians here are farmers and also grow hay which produces about 8 crops a year.  I find the cotton fascinating because it is a crop I’d never seen before moving here.  Each year I find look forward to seeing it grow and harvested.  They do most of the harvesting at night for some reason.  Maybe the heat.