Monday, November 25, 2013


We used to have a built in combination oven.  The combinations were microwave, convection, and “half-time” oven.  After about 9 years it became unhappy and died.  I looked but could not find a replacement. 

Our good neighbor Steve had given us a small toaster oven, which I used for about 6 months.  Then we bought a larger one which I have been using.  In the last 6 months it has been failing…..

So after some research decided to replace it. 


m 001

 Here comes UPS…….

m 002  The box is pretty big…..


m 003

 Breville is the brand Rex had been reading about in different rv blogs.  Calls itself a “smart” oven.  I just hope it works using even temperatures.  


m 004

Looks pretty nice doesn’t it??  Haven’t had a chance to bake anything yet but I have been happy with what I’ve used it for so far.  Big improvement over the other one.