Sunday, April 20, 2014

Automatic Weapon

By Uncle Hans

The president of the Home Owners Association for the condos is a resident on South Padre Island and has a gun shop.  we stopped in to visit and introduce ourselves.  We learned a lot about the condo politics.  We also found this little piece.  He proudly tells us that it is the "only fully automatic weapon in my shop"  (The government frowns on fully automatic).  If you look closely, each of the six "chambers" is loaded with about six rubber bands.  As each band is loaded, a piece of yellow string is looped under the band in revolving order.
    To fire, you aim the weapon and pull the string.  You can fire all 36 bands in a matter of a few seconds!  It is a cute idea and looks as if a clever woodcrafter could make this for little or nothing for resale at county fairs and the like.


Know any clever woodcrafters???????


By Uncle Hans