Saturday, April 19, 2014

Candied Pecans

By Uncle Hans

One of the highlights of the Texas trip each time is to go to Mexico.  There are only a few safe areas in Mexico, but, luckily, one of them is a little town of Progresso.  It is just across the border from Weslaco Texas, where our friends live.  they take us there each time we go down and we get cheap drugs, good food, great shopping. and lots of cold cerveza!  (We will be making a visit there in October, no doubt)
There is a street vender there who sells candied pecans.  they are so delicious that they are addicting.  I have studies the technique and the ingredients.  Now I am trying to duplicate them at home.....


...... They do it with a propane fired "wok" on the street.  The smell brings in the customers....


......The ingredients are simple:  pecans, water, oil, vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon  ( I have experimented with nutmeg and ginger)......


......I made several batches which were OK, but sticky and not crunchy like the street vendors.  Then I figured out the secret.  When they have cooled a little and are sticky, you sprinkle sugar on them and stir. (I guess the cerveza made me miss that step during my study of the process on the street). After they dry, they don't stick to one another anymore and they get crunchy.  I don't have a picture of the final product.........they never live long enough for a picture!!


By Uncle Hans