Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Container Park

Rex reads a lot of papers and blogs.  One of the papers is the Las Vegas paper.  He is always telling me about things that are new in Vegas and keeps me updated on gaming news.  I know he thinks I am not always listening but I do listen and when something interests me and we are in Vegas then I try to see what he has been telling me about.

One of the places I wanted to see was Container Park.  It is located in downtown Las Vegas.  It is a retail park that is family friendly.  Yup in downtown Vegas!!  Hard to believe.

vegs 008

This heart is at the entrance along with

vegs 009-001

this cute guy. 

vegs 016

The premise is that the buildings are made out of shipping containers.

vegs 011 

One of the artworks in the park.

vegs 025

The central playground is what brings the families and the numerous food options.  They have Mexican, vegan, a pork and beans place, and a BBQ restaurant.   An option for just about anyone.

vegs 017

They had musicians playing the day I was there.  They were pretty good.


vegs 024

One of the shops had these trikes.  They look like a blast to me and you can rent or buy them after you have had instructions.

So what is my opinion of container park??  It’s OK but it is unlikely that I will go back again.  The many shops do not appeal to me.  A lot of trendy places that sell over prices items like jewelry, handbags, leather stuff, and clothing for size 2 teens.

However I am glad that an effort is being made to make downtown Vegas appealing again.  It needed an update!!