Friday, June 6, 2014

A Great Visit!!

 I am a little behind on my vacation blogs…but making up for them now that we have the internet connected for the summer.

The last Wednesday, we stopped for the night at Cheyenne, Wy.   Dave from the Denver area was nice enough to come to Cheyenne to visit with us.

 dave 001

It was great to see him again…..we decided it had been about 5 years since our last visit!!  Hopefully the next visit will not be that far away.  Remember the invitation to the mountain in AZ is on the table!


dave 003

He surprised us with coming with a new girl friend!!  This is the lovely Megan and we were thrilled to meet her.

As I mentioned, I was happy to have the opportunity to see Dave again and that he was willing to drive to Cheyenne so we didn’t have to fight the Denver traffic.

Thanks Dave and lets not let so much time go by again!!