Sunday, June 15, 2014


 My Granddaughter Marissa Ann Besl graduated from high school on May 24th.  I was lucky enough to attend her graduation!!  I have held off on blogging about it until now because her actual party is Sunday, June 14th.

grad 003

This is Marissa on her big day…doesn’t her beautiful smile look full of hope??  She is definitely as nice and innocent as she looks!!


grad 028

This is Marissa with her proud parents!!  She is such a treasure to both of them.


grad 016

Marissa getting roses from her proud Dad, Randy.

grad 018

Marissa with her cousin, Delilah, who graduated last year.  I really didn’t realize they were about the same height until I saw this picture…go figure.

grad 030

Due to poor planning, Marissa has to go to work at 8 A. M. the day after graduation so the 4 of us went out to eat after the big event.  Sorry Marissa that you didn’t get to go out an party with your friends….

I feel so privileged that I was able to see Marissa graduate.  She is a beautiful girl inside and out!!  (Grandmother’s bias not withstanding)!    I wish you all the good things life has to offer…you certainly deserve them!  Love you and am so very proud of you!!