Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here’s Charley

By Uncle Hans

For the last year, I have been doing a Locum Tenens job, or filling in for a surgeon in another place.  5 days a month.  The town is not far from Neil and Kathy.  We stay at a Super 8, because it is the only hotel in town that allows pets.  Weird that it is next to the County Fairgrounds, which has a lot of open green areas where Charley and I can walk without a leash......


.....the fairgrounds are also home to the stock car track, one of the best in the region.  We are just outside the back-stretch, looking across the infield at the grandstand.......


  ......this is the second turn, looking away from the track.  To the right is their "hockey facility" and just to the left of that, way back, white  with Swiss-style chalet design, is the Super 8.  There is a ton of grass where they park cars for events, but where Charley and I can run and play.......right in the downtown......


........behind the grandstand is more parking. 


The rest of the fairgrounds is used for a Sunday Flea-market.  Charley and I have to stay home on Sunday morning.  He gets crazy with too many people at 10 months old.  (and besides, Why would you take a dog to a flea market?  Duh?!?) 


     Neil has suggested that we all do the races some Saturday night yet this summer.....

Sounds like a blog!.......

By Uncle Hans