Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spooner Rodeo

By Uncle Hans

Early July brings the famous rodeo to Spooner, this is the 61st year.  Hannah played a role this year, appearing in the opening ceremony on horseback and riding in the parade with our rancher buddy, Richard.


She slipped me her fancy SLR digital camera to take pictures of the parade.  Here are some results.  You can see, I got distracted by the local group's collection of WWII equipment, which is always a hit in the parade.

military 4

military 5 

This is about 10% of the collection, they also have a Duck, a half-track with 4 fifty-caliber anti-aircraft guns mounted, and several rare "tank-recovery" pieces.  This Sherman Tank is also a rare piece, I was lucky enough to get a ride in it a few years ago.

military 3



  I should look up those pictures and make a blog.  They also have several flying airplanes.....


By Uncle Hans