Thursday, April 23, 2015


By Uncle Hans

Here is the problem.   This is the pontoon trailer and one of these tires is flat (hint: the one with the rim of white wheel showing).  This happens because air leaks out during winter storage and the owner is too lazy to air them up before he tries to launch in the spring.  Backing out of the garage takes a tight turn and the sideways dragging of these tires on that turn breaks the bead and the tire goes down. 

tire tire1
     So here is the trick that Jason taught me how to re-inflate a tubeless tire that has lost it's seal with the wheel........

........the trick is using a ratchet strap.   Just put it on and squeeze the tire onto the wheel.  this makes the tire fatter and the edges press against rim and form a seal.  Adding the air with a good compressor tightens the seal and the tire inflates......




......This trick works whether the tire is attached to a vehicle or not attached.  You need a strong compressor, however, but one at a gas station would work fine.  Just take the tire and wheel and ratchet strap to the gas station.


By Uncle Hans