Monday, April 27, 2015

Tree Trimming

By Uncle Hans

  Every year we have a tree or parts of a tree falling on our buildings.  In this case, our house on Crooked Road.  I took the chain saw up on the roof (always exciting) and cleaned this mess up.  the offending tree, just off the corner of the house, has been removed.

tree tree1
     I bring this up because tree removal is on our "to do" list this summer when Rex and Mary visit.  Each year we "harvest" 2-4 trees that are close enough to threaten the house or guest house.  They are all oaks and all infested with carpenter ants.  They are all weakened and the winds of summer storms will take them down.  This has been the topic of blogs before and will be again this summer when we do our work.  The wood goes in the fireplace all winter, the branches on a pile in the woods.  We only have about 10 more to take down to feel safe........

By Uncle Hans