Saturday, December 19, 2020

A Man Of His Word

"A Man Of His Word"

Let that sink in.  Close your eyes, let it sink in.  Really think about it.  Do you know anyone, male or female, that you would describe as "a man of his word"? 

When I was a kid, I heard people described with those words.  It was a time in history when you could trust people and believe that they would do what they said they would and when they said they would.

I don't find that to be the case anymore.  It is sad, it is worrisome, and it indicates that people no longer have any standards to which they hold themselves.  

So many times I have made decisions or plans based on what I was told by whomever.  Very frustrating for me.  I have also been disappointed by people for not doing what they say they are going to do and when they say they will.  I am either blessed or cursed with an excellent memory so I don't forget when commitments are made.

I am also amazed by people that are shocked when I do actually do what I say I am going to.  Like most people I fall down on the job sometimes, but not real often.  

My Dad was known as a hardworking, man of his word.  Maybe that is why it is so important to me.

There is only one thing any of us truly has in this world, and that is our word.