Saturday, March 13, 2021

An Inch and a Half

Five feet four and one-half inches is my current height. I say current because for most of my life I have been 5' 6".  How can you lose 1.5 inches and not notice?  And where the hell did it go???

That's a stupid question. Of course, it went to my hips!!  Might not be an inch and a half of bone, but it is an inch and a half of something.

That inch and a half really changed my self-image.  I have always felt that at 5'6', I was a tall person.  At 5'4.5",  suddenly I felt like I was a short person.  It has been an adjustment.  Much more than I would have ever guessed.

I went for a bone density test last month and on the questionnaire were a couple questions I found interesting.

1.  What is the tallest you have ever been?

2.  How many times have you fallen in the last year?

Guess I am not the only one that becomes height-challenged with age.

Self-perception is a real "thing", and a person's height is part of that perception.

So sad what time does to a person's face.  But for some perverse reason, I like this picture.  Perception.