Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Bathroom Update

I love watching HGTV and seeing what people do with their spaces.  The one thing I have learned from watching all of these programs: the next person to buy our cute little cabin in the mountains will gut it.  

So I got a "why not"? attitude.  Unconventional colors: "why not?"  So I spent most of the last month painting my bathroom ceiling, walls, and cabinets. Thank goodness I painted the woodwork a couple of years ago!  The bathroom doubles as our laundry room which required the room to be painted in sections.  

 After seeing a couple of YouTube videos on stenciling, I thought "why not"?  I may have gotten a little carried away, but "why not"?  

These projects give me something to do and something to think about.  And it's only paint, if I hate it in a month I can paint it something else.  Now isn't that a scary thought?

 I know that not everyone will be on board with my color choices, but I love how bright it is. And as I mentioned, the next owners will most likely gut it.  I'm going to up that to the next owners WILL gut it.