Monday, March 15, 2021

Charitable Giving

 In my mailbox one day, was a fundraising letter from the American Heart Association.  I have had solicitations before and just filed them in the circular file. 

But I looked at it and thought about the fact that my son has had open-heart surgery.  So a modest sum was sent.

A tsunami ensued!!  My mailbox became loaded with solicitations.  I'm not going to list them all but I would say at least 10 different charities sent me stuff.  And when I say stuff, I mean stuff. 

I started receiving return address labels and scratch pads.   Lots and lots of them.  And all so cute with seasonal themes, think Christmas, Halloween, spring, winter, and all so very cute!  I would feel bad to ignore them so I gave myself a small budget to sort of "spread around".

That just created an avalanche of mail.  Whatever donations I have given, have long since been used up in printing costs. Does that make any sense???

This is just a small pile of the stuff I have received.

Sometimes my mailbox has solicitation letters, I file them in the circular file.

Let me clarify, I file them after removing the usable "stuff".  I just could not see that filling a landfill with them gained anything.  I am confident they will quit sending stuff as I have quit sending money.