Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Desert Bar

Wow...we finally got to Sunday and a day off!!
We got off to an early start because we wanted to go to Lake Havasu City to the Sunday Flea Market. In past years I have been a vendor there selling my magnetic jewelry but this year until yesterday we worked on Sunday. List in hand I hit the market. I found most items on my list (and some that weren't!), but the one item I really wanted wasn't there. Oh well the AVI Extravaganza starts next week and I am sure I will find what I want there.

Next up on our agenda, was the search for the famous Desert Bar. This was actually why Rex even made the trip. He really isn't into shopping. The Desert Bar is in the Buckskin Mountains,near Parker, AZ., on land that was once a mining camp. See the words "PRIMITIVE ROAD" on the sign. They weren't kidding. It is five miles of rutted, bumpy, rocky road.
In some places the road is definately "One Lane".

This is a picture of the Nellie E Saloon (Desert Bar). It was opened in 1983 in a temporary three-sided structure. Five years later the above structure was opened. The Nellie E name originates from the old mining claim. The bar is only open Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day weekend from high noon to sunset and most holidays. They are only open on Saturdays and Sundays so don't make the trip during the week.

Some of the unique features inside the saloon are windows that are old glass refrigerator doors, bar stools make of steel and sway from side to side (these were my favorite), a brass bartop, and a stamped tin ceiling. The bar is powered by solar, stored in batteries, and run through inverters.

Our trip to the Desert Bar was really enjoyable and a unique experience. For anyone interested in learning more about it they have a


Nikki said...

Can you smoke in this bar????