Monday, February 12, 2007

This and That

"The hole in the rock where the sun shines through, underneath the red, white, and blue and red golden rose too!!"

The above description appeared on the geo cache listing we went in search of today. The pictures show the hole and the golden roses, but the "red, white, and blue", which I think was probably a flag located there at one time is no longer there.

We were successful in finding the cache, but it did take some searching!

Rex asked if I was going to piss and moan about our schedule this week. Our schedule runs from Monday to Sunday. The last few weeks we have been having Thursday and Friday off. For some reason this week we have today off.....and it is the ONLY day off we have this week. That means we will be working from Tuesday through Sunday on this schedule and, if we go back to Thursday and Friday off on the next we could potentially work NINE days in a row. That will make Mary a very crabby girl.......

We had last Thursday off so we had grilled lobster. Rex also had a small ribeye. He is spoiled!!! I bet I hadn't had lobster for 30 years and while we were in Belieze in November of '04 we had it a couple of time and since then we really like to have it 3 or 4 times a year--well maybe a little more often.

I got a new laptop last week with Microsoft Vista. I am completely lost and am now looking for "Vista for Dummies". It is suppose to burn CDs and DVDs and I sure hope I eventually get it figured out, afterall, that is the reason I bought it.


Hans said...


Maybe Vista is "new and improved"? Good luck!!