Sunday, February 25, 2007

Those Precious Grandaughters

We are always happy to have guests write in our blog, and today's entry brings us up to date on three of my precious grand-daughters. This entry is done by my daughter, Heather. We loved the picture of Marissa's basketball team. Also the reference about Randy's being deployed refers to his deployment to Kuwait last year. We are all grateful that he returned home safe and sound in November.

By Heather
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Last weekend Marissa had her last Basketball game. They finished 3-3. I do have to say that even though they lost their last two games they were the best games that they played as a team. So they were great games. That is the end of our sports now till this summer when Mackenzie will play softball. Last year was her first year and she loved it.

This weekend we were suppose to go to Brookfield WI. for guards. Randy was going to be released from the 1-128 ( the unit he was deployed with) back to the 132 which is what he is usually with. Since we are expecting very bad weather, it was cancelled. They called about 30 minutes before we were leaving so we were glad that we were here to get the call. The girls were a little upset since we would not be staying at a hotel for the weekend and using the pool, but they will get over it. Now he will have to go March 17 & 18th for drill in Oconomowoc after which he will be returned to the other unit.
I have also started a new exercise program. We got an Elliptical machine and so I will be doing that everyday. I am not sure how long at first but I will do it for how ever long I can. I hope it helps... I need all the help I can get.
We really haven't been doing much other then the normal work and school for the kids. I have to register Alisha for pre school this week. she will finally be able to go this fall, she has been waiting for so long. Marissa will go to the middle school next fall too. Nice for her since it is right across the street.