Friday, February 23, 2007

The Normal One

Rex asked me to blog today....I am Mary and he referred to me as the normal one???? What's up with that? Maybe he means the more conventional one or maybe he means the less adventurous one..who knows. In my opinion, I am the back ground person and he is the fore ground person.

Rex has had an exciting is our first day of being listed on Hitch Itch and he is beside himself with excitement at the number of hits on our blog. When I think about his decision to start a blog, I think in the back of his mind he had the idea of being listed somewhere and being read by many. It would sure explain the great deal of time he has devoted to starting, maintaining, and designing our blog. Just look at the right hand column. The map showing the states we have visited, the temps of various locations, a listing of upcoming events, favorite pictures, and various other information---not to mention "The Picture" of us. Maybe at this point I should explain that picture. In November of '04 we went to Belize with Rex's brother Hans (the guest author of some of our blogs) and his wife Wendy. We vacationed on Amerigas Caye and stayed in a condo that had this really great pool. Smack dab in the middle of this pool was a bar. Among their specialty drinks was one called a "dirty banana", I had SEVERAL of them, after all they tasted just like a banana malted milk. That picture was taken about half way through the afternoon. Anyway Rex really likes it so it is prominently displayed.

I would also like to mention why Rex always types in caps. He is a hunter and a pecker (does pecker look quite right?). Anyway he uses caps all the time because he doesn't like to be bothered to use the shift key at the beginning of sentences, etc.,etc., etc. I, on the other hand, know how to type and prefer to do it properly.

Rex and I have been together almost 10 years and I truly wish we had kept a blog or journal from the beginning. We have had some really incredible trips and some really great pictures. We have been "full timers" for seven years and have met some really creative and wonderful people. When we are introduced to people I usually give them a helpful hint to remember our names--Rex rhymes with sex and Mary--a famous virgins name. Should be easy!! I told this to one guy and he went home and told his wife that he met "cherry Mary and sexy Rexy".....We have really met some witty people!!!


Barb said...

Oh to be living the life of the "rich and famous". Checked out your listing on the hitch itch. Congrats!

saucersrus said...

I'm glad you guys got into the blogging. I remember Dad's very first camper and there was a special drawer in that camper where a bright blue 5 subject notebook resided. In that notebook Dad kept track of lots of things. One section was dedicated to be a journal where he kept track of how many days and where he camped. Anytime he had a guest camp with him they were required to write an entry in the journal. My favorite was the trip he and I took around Lake Superior and our word for the day was "compulsurory"