Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glad You Asked

A few of our loyal readers noticed the box at the end of yesterday’s blog and asked what it is for. I’m not really ready to say but that box is getting ready to go on a journey. I have been working on a project for a little over a year and am just about finished with it.

So soon both box and project will be headed out. Stay tuned…. eventually all will be revealed!!

I am just in awe with the weather we have been having… it truly the best part of summer weather here lately. Even though we are in the desert this is exceptional weather for November. No problem with shorts and t-shirts every day. The major weather complaint here is the wind and we have had a few days of wind but not for days on end like we’ve had in the past. Rex's Mother is coming in a month to spend about 10 weeks and it is a shame she is missing this wonderful weather.

One more comment on the box….
When it lands someone is going to be happy…..very, very, very happy and, hopefully a little proud.


Anonymous said...

ok so don't tell us about the box...just tell us who'll be a little happy and proud???????? You know how i am about the first 5 chapters then the last then go back....the suspense is killing me....

Anonymous said...

Good one Mary! You know Johnny Carson always had the speel about things being left in a mayonaise jar on Funk and Wagonalls porch?