Saturday, July 29, 2006


by Uncle Hans
Custom Smiley Finally had a moment to catch up on the blog. Good job! When life settles down a bit, I may try the blog thing. I have reviewed your Cheesedays plans and they sound like fun. It just rained here and more is on the way. While that may not sound like news, we have had quite a drought here. The crops were all lost about two weeks ago, it was that serious. My trees are saved, I believe, but only by hand-carrying water and often. Anyway, the rain started at 0430 and I could not sleep so here I am. Hannah and Jason's house comes along daily. We will finish the woodwork staining/varnishing in our garage today. The drywall people will finish on Tuesday and paint the whole interior on Wednesday. Jason will install the woodwork/interior doors and the flooring people do their thing at the same time. Jake, Hannah, and I will finish out the electric (wire up the switches and outlets, then install the faceplates over them). The kitchen cabinetry will be installed and........W! ALLA!!............they move in! Probably in 2-3 weeks. The medical school business is exciting to the point of nervous breakdown. Every day a victory or two and a setback. Wow! I have never imagined such a business. Full details around the fire at Cheesedays, if we are not institutionalized by then! WEndy may be in England or attending to the birth of her first grandchild, Owen, due September 14. I may be there alone or with Ian. Neil is still contemplating a bike trip to follow, and we may need a chase vehicle. stay tuned.