Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Daughter of an Eagle Scout

By Amy
Custom Smiley As some of you may know my dad, Rex, was an Eagle Scout. Well as the Boy Scout motto says to always be prepared my dad is good at that as well as thinking on his toes. In his wonderful list making and planning ahead he gave me the password to his Blog so I could keep it updated for him while he is traveling cross country. He was hoping to rely on Wi-Fi connections to update the blog himself, but gave me all the info I would need "just in case" because there are some things you just can't plan.

Well I received a phone call from my dad this afternoon which doesn't happen all that often because we usually Instant Message. Anyway I had already checked in with Mary this morning so my heart sped up a bit as I asked if he was ok. The answer no had me barely breathing. He asked if I was home and if I could help him out. I was and he proceeded to tell me that he blew a tire and the rubber had wrapped around the axle on the camper making it impossible for him to change himself. The minute I heard tire blew I could have assumed that because my dad's top 2 tools are a check book and a credit card :P

He told me he was 22 miles East of Rock Springs, WY on I-80 Eastbound near mile marker 126. I said no problem give me a minute and I will call you back. I jumed online and went to and typed in Rock Springs, WY and Tire Repair. There were 7 pages of mechanics and NONE were national chains that I recognized so I went with my vibes and called Chester Automotive and Tire Repair. If Chester couldn't help no one could. I told the man that answered the phone my name and asked if he could help me or direct me to someone who could. Then I explained the sticky situation my dad was in and he said immediately that I needed to call Tire Den and gave me the phone number from memory. I thanked him and called the Tire Den where I spoke with Scott and explained the Chesters directed me to them then repeated the situation. He said no problem let me transfer you to Dusty, he schedules all our service calls. So I explained it all to Dusty who was very helpful and accomodating. He would be happy to drive out there with a brand new tire for my dad and even put it on for him. What size is the tire?? Well then I told him I was calling from FLORIDA and he needed to call my dad's cell to get that info. I also asked him to please have my dad call me when they had everything set up. I called my dad 30min later (I'm just so incredibly patient) and he said that Dusty was on the way to save the day!!!

Well $275 later they have arrived safe to camp for the night and continue on their way to Wonderful Wisconsin. I guess my dad needs to add cell phone and internet to his sparse set of tools. I am my father's daughter, maybe someday I will earn Eaglette for my resourcefulness!!!