Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hard Work

By Mary
Custom Smiley This vacationing is hard work!! I feel like I have been running since we hit Wisconsin….The distance between Mt. Hope (where my Mother is) and La Crosse is 90 miles. I have driven that one way every day for the last four days…good thing the Honda gets excellent gas mileage…dosen't’t hurt that the price of gas is falling either.

The fact that my Mother has been ill has created several plan changes. It will be hard to leave her. She is doing better and I sure hope that continues!

For the remainder of this vacation, I am going to have to be very organized. There are still three people I promised to contact and get together with and I may have only a week left…WOW! Anyway I am confident it will all work out.

Rex returned from his trip to Green Bay in time to go to Heather’s celebrating Ali’s fourth birthday. It was a fun time with LOTS of kids….Rex and I particularly enjoyed the bars that are within walking distance.

Tomorrow is a day of shopping with my daughter, Nikki. It should be fun and interesting….I’ll write a report on that trip!!