Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's Saturday

By Mary
Custom Smiley When we checked in at Red Rock State Park in Gallup yesterday, I asked the lady if there was a Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Gallup. She gave us directions to a Saturday morning Flea Market. So we got up early and left by 8:00 AM to go to the Flea Market. The lady at the park said they started selling at 7:30 so we wanted to be there early. Apparently no one told the vendor about the 7:30 AM start. There was hardly anyone there and very few booths open. And it was COLD!! We did walk around but left at about 8:20. We had noticed a Safeway on the way to the Flea Market so we decided to go there and stock up for the next three days. So we did!

In the same strip mall that had Safeway, there was a Western clothing store. We had to go there cuz Rex has been looking for another plaid Western shirt with snaps. We lucked out and found one that he liked in his size. Believe me when I say...this is a very hard thing to do!

After we got done grocery and shirt shopping, Rex wanted to go to old downtown Gallup and walk around. So he navigated us there and that is exactly what we did. Some of the old shops were really interesting and we saw a lot of Indian jewelry and various other artifacts.

Of course by this time it is time for a cocktail and we found THE AMERICAN BAR in downtown Gallup!! Let me tell you the American Bar had only 2 white patrons (guess who??) everyone else was Native American.

Now we needed to hit the road and do our big 110 mile travel day to Holbrook AZ. After checking in at the KOA and showering it is time for happy hour. We had noticed the Empty Pocket Saloon on the way in so we went there for happy hour. The bartender was a really nice lady that ended up giving us a dozen "farm fresh" eggs. And they were still had feathers on it!! No lie!!

Now I need to add a little footnote about our visit to Independence, MO. While walking around the square one day, we notice a big white thing in a store window. Rex and I stopped and really was actually a casket!! The store name----Direct Casket Sales--OK now I've seen it all!!