Sunday, October 15, 2006

La Crosse, Wisconsin

By Mary
Custom Smiley In light of the fact that we are pulling out of Wisconsin tomorrow morning…I have had an extremely busy week end.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to visit with a very good friend…one that I have known and loved since we were six years old. Linda is one of my all time favorite people and every time I see her I am reminded of how special she is…and how special our friendship is.

I also managed to fit in a quick visit with my sister-in-law, Kitty, to take her some books on CD. Since going to dialysis with her I have been trying to think of something that might make the time more pleasant…books on CD were what I came up with. Sure hope she enjoys them….I still have more books.

Then it was the hardest “last visit” of all. My Mother. We attended the “Lord’s Acre Sale” and dinner at the local church. My Mother had a really great time visiting with lots of old friends. To give you an idea of who attends this event, at one point one of my old class mates said “Did you ever think you would be the third youngest person here?” His wife and grand daughter were the two younger than me. Anyway I am truly thankful that I spent so much time with my Mother this trip. It was real tough to say good bye.

Now on to Sunday and good byes to my children and grand daughters. This was also extremely tuff, but I did manage to spend individual time with each of my children. I love them all so much and will miss them terribly. I am also thankful that I had spent a lot of time with them.
I must say I loved every minute of the 5 plus weeks we spent in Wisconsin visiting friends and family. Because of logistics, I spent a lot of time driving but it was well worth it to have the opportunity to spend time with everyone. But I must say quite frankly, that I AM TIRED. The short travel day we have planned for tomorrow will be welcomed and so will the afternoon nap I have planned!