Friday, October 13, 2006

My Two Cents Worth !!

By Mary
Custom Smiley I know Rex blogged about yesterday, but I really need to add my two cents.

I did drive from Mt. Hope to La Crosse early yesterday morning...I left at 7 AM because it was snowing so hard I couldn't see across the street....I was afraid I would get snowed in!! Fortunately by the time I went 9 miles it stopped snowing and by the time I went 20 miles the pavement was totally dry. It is actually scary to be driving in that stuff when you haven't in several years. Yup Rex hit the nail on the head...we will now be leaving right after the Torchlight Parade!

So now I get to talk about Danny's is just awesome and has a lot of character. There is an interesting story behind so many of the furnishings. Like quilts that his GRANDPA made,steps made out of wood from an old church, and a picture of his grandpa and great-grandpa standing in front of the barn with several horses. The frame is actually made from the wood of that old barn....just a lot of really cool stuff!!

Now on to the SAFE HOUSE SALOON in Lansing. Rex had been reading about this on line over the winter and really wanted to stop in (although he was less interested once he found out it is non-smoking). He did that before yesterday, but it was my first stop in there. I loved it!! It has the atmosphere of the 1920s, in fact movies from the 20s play continuously on the very big screen TV. The bartender wears a crisp white shirt, vest, and bow tie. The coasters are actually small crocheted doilies. The glass wear is actually reproductions of the period and oh, so pretty. There are private booths all with cloth tablecloths and runners. There are a few antiques, but most are reproductions including truly beautiful pool table. The bathroom also has really cool touches including CLOTH hand towels and a little wicker basket to drop it in after you use it. Oh and I can't forget the pull chain flusher...the whole place is just so cute!!

Since we have been in Wisconsin Rex and I really haven't spent much time together since I have mostly been hanging out with my Mother, children, and grandchildren. That was another really nice aspect of yesterday...we got to enjoy each others company and I liked it!!