Thursday, October 4, 2007


Sure can tell I am in Wisconsin. First of all it is nice to be off work for a few weeks....

I have been spending time with my mother, children, and grandchildren. It has been great to see everyone!!

I spent the week end in LaCrosse where my children and grandchildren live. Then on Monday I headed to Mt. Hope to see my Mother. Monday afternoon we went to Lancaster shopping and after looking around for about 2 months I finally found a pair of shoes I liked in Lancaster!! Then it was on to A&W for an ice cream Mother loves to have ice cream cones. On the way back from Lancaster we went through Mt. Ida and I noticed a produce stand. The sign said Produce Stand-Self Service. Yup, the vegtables were all lined up on shelves with a sign that said the price of everything and there was a box labeled "money box" to put your money in. Only in Southwest Wisconsin!! I actually feel priviledged I am from a place with such honest least I hope everyone pays!!

Last night we had a downpour. The rain guage had 2.5 inches in it this morning. Since I have been back sunlight has been in short supply but today made up for it..bright sunshine all day and summer weather. Must have been at least 80 degrees and more of the same is predicted for tomorrow. Poor Rex!! Today I went back to La Crosse and decided to go over to Lansing ,Iowa to get gas. Gas is always cheaper in Lansing, today it was 2.69 per gallon, in La Crosse it was selling for 2.89. Quite a difference!

Today was sure a colorful day....the leaves are not yet at their peak but I saw red, orange, yellow, rust, and maroon colors. They are truly beautiful!! Fall colors .... worth the trip.

Last month my children lost a first cousin to brain cancer. She was only 40 years old. Unfortunately she passed without making any arrangements. Really sad for her family and food for thought for the rest of us. So, in order to make life easier for my children, I purchased a cemetary plot while in Mt. Hope. This is one purchase Rex doesn't have to find room for in the camper!! Fortunately, the person in charge of selling the plots is my first cousin. Wouldn't you think I'd get a discount??? No such luck!!

That is the update on my first few days at home.


saucersrus said...

Does that mean the leaves will be prime when I get there!?!