Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another Week In Wisconsin

Time sure is going fast....but I am working on my Wisconsin list.

I went to Mt. Hope on Friday to see my Mother. She needed to go to Prairie du Chien for a blood test so I took her there and then I mowed her lawn. My reward for mowing the lawn was Friday night fish at Home-A-Gins. It sure was good! Friday fish was high on my Wisconsin list so I can cross that one off. After eating we went to Prairie to watch my great-nephew play football. Tyler made 3 touchdowns but it wasn't quite enough to win the game. The final score was 33-38, but it was great to see him play.

On Saturday we made a quick trip to Fennimore for some paint. I decided Mother's front door needed to be painted so got that done. Then I called my friend Linda and we made plans to meet for lunch in Prairie at Eddie's Irish Pub. (Rex--a Gentleman Jack and coke there is $3.50!!) Linda and I have been friends since we were been six years old and it is always fun to catch up with her. In fact we had so much fun we decided to do it again on the 16th!!

Saturday night we went to the Lord's Acre Sale at the Methodist church. We had a nice supper then they auctioned off the items donated by various church members. They had lots of stuff to auction, baked goods, craft items, produce, canned meats, 1/2 a hog, plants, nuts, just a lot of stuff. I had my eye on one item in particular. To give you an idea of how this works, one gentleman bought 15 home made cinnamon rolls for $150. He actually bought several things...all for a good cause. In fact I am sure the church treasurer was VERY glad that guy showed up. I wanted a gooseberry pie, there was only one there so I didn't think I would get it but I lucked out and got it for $25. I told the big bidder that I sure was glad he didn't like gooseberry pie!! I also got a plant, 2 jars of canned wild turkey, and some salsa. All for a very good cause!!

Sunday morning I went to visit my sister-in-law Kitty. She had a pacemaker put in on Thursday so she was pretty sore, but we did manage to have an enjoyable visit in spite of that. After having lunch at Home-A-Gins with Mother I headed back to La Crosse via the craft show in McGregor. I was able to get the final 3 Christmas ornaments I needed for my grandchildren. They are wooden and the man that made them patterned them after old time patterns he found. They are really pretty, in fact I think they are among my favorites.

I called Chad and asked where he was going to watch the game. Kramer's again. So I met him there and watched the Bears beat the Packers...not much fun. They do have one nice tradition though...whenever the Packers score they pass out pudding shots, much better than jello shots in my opinion. To add insult to injury I didn't win anything on my $10 ticket either!!

Monday and another busy day. An 8:45 dental appointment and a 1:30 oil change appointment. Two more items crossed off the Wisconsin list!! Also talked to Rex several times as he was on the road. He made it to Tonapah which was about 230 miles. Today he plans to make 120 miles so it will be a short travel day. Just the kind he likes!

In re reading this I see why I am tired....sounds like I am busy all the time!!