Sunday, October 14, 2007

Touchdown Minus Five (T-5)

The next 5 days are going to fly.....I have a list for each day so I don't forget anything before I head off to Green Bay to pick up Rex and Paul. I am more than ready to see Rex.... have really missed him!!

I talked to him about 4 times on the phone yesterday....he was telling me about everything he had accomplished...guess not having Internet hooked up yet makes for a more productive Rex!! I am sure he will be on the look out today for a WI-FI hot spot or else he will have major withdrawal!! We aren't going to have it hooked up until we get back from Green Bay so he has until Wednesday when Paul picks him up to try and find other activities to occupy him.

I will be going to my nephew's house to watch the game today. Hope the Packers do better than the Badgers did.

Heather and I went Applebee's for supper tonight. Was really a nice relaxing visit with her. She and her family had family pictures taken today. The proof sheets she had look great. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

Friday I ran into a guy that worked on the Miss Marquette with Rex and I. We had a really nice time talking about old times on the boat and mutual acquaintances. Then yesterday morning I called another lady we used to work with..our phone conversation concentrated on pure gossip!! Pretty interesting stuff!!

The days are going to fly now and my schedule is going to be hetic but that is OK, I can manage!