Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finally It's October 18th!!!!

I have been waiting for today for three weeks!!! Rex and I will be reunited today...and I am very much looking forward to that. Really miss that guy!! We spoke several times on the phone yesterday and more or less made our plans. I will be leaving La Crosse no later than 6 AM so I will have plenty of time to pick Rex and Paul up at the airport in Green Bay at Noon. Doesn't sound like the weather will be great but October in Wisconsin always includes a lot of rain!

I sort of mentioned to Rex in passing about some of my purchases since I have been in Wisconsin, unfortunately I think he thinks I am kidding...I'm not. He hates having to make room for more stuff. Good thing I emphasized the stuff I got rid of rather than the stuff I am bringing in!

I am looking forward to a great time in Green Bay, seeing everyone and having a beautiful wedding to go to. Looking forward also to wishing Barry and Laura good wishes for a long and happy married life!!