Friday, February 22, 2008

Checks---No Balances

Remember checks....those little pieces of paper you would write out every month to pay the bills. You'd just write out your check, put them in an envelope, add a stamp, and mail them out to whomever it was going to. In these days of online bill paying and paperless bills sent via e-mail, less and less checks are being written. Not, however by me....I am fighting every step of the way to keep my checkbook in use. I don't want to give these people access to my bank account, I don't want to pay bills online, I want to write a check and mail it to I do.

And that is why, when I recently inserted my last pad of checks in my check book, I took that little order form to the bank. It is a nice arrangement, I take them the little order form and they arrange for my checks to be sent to me.

Imagine my surprise when I received the above package from my bank.....that package is 1/2 inch thick....I measured it so I know.

Well, damn....checks with a construct it yourself box.....
So where is Heather when you need her???? She is the "go to" girl when it comes to reading directions and construction.

Nice to see they have't changed the color of the box.....I guess some traditions are just to sacred to screw around with!!

Oh the hell with it, I'll just use my old box.....good thing I didn't throw it away!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Mary, let's not give up our control just yet. And I save my little boxes, you never know when you might want to wrap something in it. Just the right size for a lot of "things".

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see if Rex or Mary actually checks the comments. We are in Destin Fla. about to meet up with Amy and the kids to see the museum at Pensacola. That's our project for today and it will be a blog, I am sure. We did the Wisconsin Supreme Court on wed which is a blog for sure. we are optimistic, but won't hear for 60-90 days. we drove down in cold and rainy weather and it's raining today,but nice tomorrow. More later, but no e-mail from the wi-fi deal in this condo as it does not store in our e-mail. We will use the "comments"