Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hannah Rose

All the artistic talent in the family is conveniently deposited in one person: Hannah. She recently started a blog for her art. She is a graphic design artist by training and works for an international manufacturing company that builds weighing and laboratory equipment.

She does advertising layout, instructional and promotional materials, and even video for teaching and web-cast to dealers, etc. Her personal art passion is painting, and usually merges with her other passion, horses

This painting is in camouflage colors and inspired by an instructional manual on horses called Basic Horsemanship, a gift years ago from her Uncle Rex.

Here are her horses, Jaxon and Pallock. They are her favorite subjects and get "painted" a lot.

Here is the family when the horses are young. Jack was three and Paul was three months. The link to her art blog is

Uncle Hans