Sunday, February 3, 2008


I really don't watch much episodic TV. Networks have chosen to either have serials in which you are lost if you miss a show or "reality" shows. I must admit I do like the reality show "Biggest Loser", mostly because I can relate to the contestents challenges but, in general, reality shows just bore me.

Anyway, I have found a show that appeals to me. It is called Monk and is on USA Network. The character, Monk, is a man with a lot of initals behind his name as Rex would say. He definately has issues with compulsive behavior. He is also a "germaphobe". Tony Shalaub, the actor that portrays Monk is very talented. His portrayal of the title character is hilarious. A little bit about trivia about Tony Shalaub is that he is originally from Greenbay. I can totally relate to the USA Network phrase "Characters Welcome".

The writers of this program are also very talented. They actually constructed an entire episode around those little paper labels you get in clothes that say: this garment was inspected by "whomever". How creative is that?? They sure have an imagination which I suppose is a pretty standard trait of TV script writers.

I also have been impressed by many of the script subjects of the original "Star Trek" shows. Some of them were very timely, such as the one where there was a planet that had two types of people. One group was black on the left side of their bodies, and white on the right side of their bodies. There sworn enemies and the other inhabitants of their planet, was black on the right side of their bodies and white on the left side of their bodies. Now that was an interesting show and thought provoking to any thinking person. Actually many of the scripts of "Star Trek" series were very thought provoking and timely.

Monk like McGyver has wormed it's way into the fabric of everyday life. The word "McGyvered" which indicated an inovative solution to a problem was very popular during the run of that series. Now if a person is "Monkish", they are a considered little anal. Yup I really like Monk....