Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I have noticed that February brings out romance stories. All the daytime talk shows are filled with tips on making cards, romantic dinners, chocolate truffles, and on picking the perfect bouquet of flowers. It’s nice that the world takes time out to devote a day to lovers. I wonder where the tradition started??

So I was watching Rachel Ray the other day and she had an audience of women whose sole purpose was to whine about the flowers they have received over the years. The ladies definitely felt red roses were lacking in thought on the part of the giver. No effort, was the common complaint. No thought, a close second. My honey can just pick roses up in the deli while shopping for beer they said…..and on and on and on. As a whole they all sounded unhappy! I wonder if they would have felt better if their guy just went to a florist, gave them a price range and said give me a pretty bouquet without any roses in it… that really more thought and effort. Ya I guess it is…at least they are driving to the florist shop (or letting their fingers do the walking). Maybe to be successful florist should sell beer too!

I met Rex in October of 1997. By Christmas we were pretty much a couple. He told me that since he hated shopping, he didn’t give gifts. No Christmas gifts, no birthday presents, and no Valentine’s. In other words…don’t expect any presents---ever!

So when Valentine’s Day in 1998 rolled around why would I expect to get anything, but I did. I got an ultra light fishing pole. I am sure that the look on my face was priceless. A fishing pole, now what did I say that made him think that I liked to fish or for that matter, that I had ever been fishing?? To be honest, before I met Rex, my idea of roughing it was a hotel without a restaurant. So how did I know living in a CAMPER fulltime was in my future??

Anyway, back to the fishing pole……
We did go fishing for trout and I caught my first fish with that pole. And quite frankly, I had a lot of fun with my unconventional Valentine’s Day gift!! Not only did he teach me how to fish for trout, he also taught me how to clean and fillet them (he’s no dummy!)
I guess, if I had to put a spin on getting a fishing pole for Valentine’s Day, I would say he liked me and my company enough to give me a gift that was an invitation to spend time with him doing something that he enjoyed. Thanks Rex…… are still the best time I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and Dave, I hope you are reading this without benefit of contacts or glasses and that everything went well!!