Monday, March 3, 2008

Grumpy Rex Two

Good natured, pleasant, happy, easy going, thoughtful......all adjectives used to describe Rex.....most of the time. Recently he had a cold and was none of those things. Understandable, being sick makes everyone grumpy. It just adversely affects a person's normal everyday activities. Rex is now over his cold and feeling better.

So why are we back to "Grumpy Rex"? Friday night after work, as is his custom, he turned on his laptop. Oh oh....the monitor didn't light up. Can't hardly work on your computer if you can't see anything. Rex is totally Internet dependent and not having his laptop function properly is cause for major withdrawal to set in. So OK, I immediately unplug my laptop and put it in front of him to use. Well, although he appreciates the gesture, he doesn't like my laptop which is truly surprising because he likes all things Sony and my laptop is a Sony, but he doesn't like it. I think the reason is because it has Vista on it and he is used to XP. He just can't maneuver as usual.

As I mentioned, that was Friday night after work so right now as I write this it is late Sunday night.....

Short tempered, dissatisfied, crabby, grumpy, not a "happy camper" are the adjectives fitting Rex today. Needless to say, going to a computer store is the first stop on our errand list tomorrow. I am hoping it will be an easy and QUICK fix such as a loose wire or something that is preventing the monitor light to come on or some such thing.

In addition to the computer store tomorrow, we are picking up Rex's Mother and hoping to go to Katherine's Landing to see beautiful desert flowers in bloom. Of course that is if today's wind is gone. Wasn't as bad as predicted but was still too windy to do anything outside today.